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Is there a normal player with donator items? Somebody over spawning? Please tell us about it here!
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Banning in Future

Sat 06 Feb 16 - 10:19

At the end of February, ROTMG Tool staff will begin to PERMANENTLY BAN anyone regardless of who you are, if we see you with donator only items on a non-donator account, even if it is an alternate account. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Regarding over-spawners:

We will make sure that the first time you are banned, it is for 5 days. If the offender makes another offence, it will be for a week, and then a month. IF another offence is made, the offender will either be de-ranked for constantly breaking the ToS and Private Server Rules, OR will be permanently banned. We will know whether you over-spawn or not because Moderators+ can see the ban logs.

If we see you over-spawn, and you do it in front of us purposefully, it's a one month ban (counted as the third offence)

Regarding giving out donator only items/pets:

If caught, we will ban you for a week. For non-donators, you will be permanently banned for being in possession of it. If you don't want to be permanently banned, don't accept trades for donator items/pets.

Regarding abusive language to staff:

Offenders will be banned for one week for first offence. Two weeks for the second offence, and one month the third offence. If another offence is made, it will become a permanent ban.

Staff detest anyone who harass staff members. Just because we don't want to spawn or give you stuff doesn't mean that we are rude.

Regarding setpiecing and banned entities:

Setpiecing is a forbidden command to be used anywhere except the realm as stated here. Anyone caught setpiecing will more than likely be banned for two weeks for the first offence. If a second offence is made, it will be a month ban. If there is a third offence, the sentence will be a permanent ban.

Note: You can find a list of Banned/Donor entities for Items and Mobs here.

Thank you,
The RotMGTool Staff Team.

Sat 06 Feb 16 - 11:19

Setpiecing is a command which allows Donators to create an area such as the Skull shrine's which overlays the area of either a void part of the map, or over other parts of the map which exist.

Re: Banning in Future

Mon 08 Feb 16 - 1:36

you should edit this thread if setpiecing could get you banned http://rotmgtool.com/rotmgtool-private-server-news/private-server-commands-t2569.html

Mon 08 Feb 16 - 7:16

Now I can finally put my long list of screenshotted people That I never posted on here out of convenience to use.

Happy this is finally taking affect, was beginning to worry I was the only one who got pissy about this stuff.

Lets get er done

Thu 11 Feb 16 - 10:48

i'm not being "pissy" about it @melididiouse
i am becoming more and more frustrated by the amount of idiocy i see within players.
(e.g. a player came into the server when i got mod. he wasn't aware of my presence and started to spam and setpiece creating lag. I kicked him and told him not to, he repeatedly did it. that got him banned permanently. simple. as. that.

Thu 11 Feb 16 - 15:19

Well I on the other hand do get pissy, because I can't do anything to stop it. I have no power to kick or ban. I warn, sometimes get insulted, 99% of the time just completely ignored, I make a report, and watch the destruction continue. There's literally nothing else I can do beyond that.

Mon 15 Feb 16 - 20:21

@Melididiouse i will talk to hai about perms!
@AncientEvil THANKS for posting this. I was wondering if i should but never got to it! I will find anyone who breaks these rules and i swear to god you wont be laughing when i am done with you.

Tue 16 Feb 16 - 14:48

@ryangohard You haven't seen me when i'm mad at players.
if you ever did see me mad on the logs, then you'd know why some of the players are actually scared of me.

Fri 19 Feb 16 - 21:29

/Stickied and cleaned the thread out a bit.

Also for clarity, the setpiece command can be used by Donators ONLY in the realm as stated in this thread, viewtopic.php?f=11&t=2286, listing all the setpieces.

Any breach of this will lead to your account being suspended, and possibly terminated.

Wed 09 Mar 16 - 22:39

Updated and effective as of 10 March 2016 4:38PM GMT +11
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