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What is orape ?

Fri 06 Oct 17 - 5:54

Hey guys,

first of all to the Admins / Mods: You should rly update your site, i have ALOT of not answered questions how things in the rotmgtool work and the forum says nothing, even when i use the search like my problem NOW with "orape" whatever it is.

My question: I am using the F1 hack since today, and i was using the last 3 days the "O" version of the hack and just today i said my self, lets try out the F1 version and i see it is another hack my mind, with small differences (like the wallhack, i cant walk inside WALLS in GLans,dungeons, etc. with the "O" version, but on the "F1" version i can but i miss there the FAST trade function, and the minimap is way to small and also the aim MODE is crap because it aims on the strongest mobs but not closest ones which makes me to die with T13+ stuff most of the time).

Anyways, i just opened now the F1 version to use it again and now i see a popup at the top screen and it says something about new client, build and orape.
I checked the Help page but it says nothing :(.

What is orape ? how to update it now ....

Re: What is orape ?

Fri 06 Oct 17 - 15:07

Soooo funny,

a guy or even a admin releases a hack with alot of functions, but he SELF can't say how his own hack works omg.

Is this rly so, like i am thinking ? I mean if the developer of the rotmgtool makes a function which makes it possible to auto update, he should also know how people should use that function.

Do you rly think a pop up called "Use orape" is enough ? .................... lol

Sun 08 Oct 17 - 3:41

No answer ? please tell me this is a troll or fake site ...
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