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Ability Bug in Dungeons - ROTMG Tool

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Ability Bug in Dungeons

Postby PowerZink » Mon 27 Mar 17 - 12:53

Ever since I started using the hacked client to play ROTMG, I've noticed something strange. Whenever i play any of my characters (specifically my priest), if i enter a dungeon of any kind (specifically an Abyss, UDL, or a Cemetary), my space bar ability does not work. I will have full MP but i will get this error sound as if I can not complete that function. This bug is especially annoying when trying to rush dungeons as i can not use my ability to heal me, help me clear, eta. Can someone help me with this bug?
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Postby Snakeye » Fri 14 Apr 17 - 13:35

Well it could be you have auto ability on. Priest only heals when low or near others I think.
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