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[OPEN] Youtube Team Applications

Fri 09 Mar 18 - 14:25

We are currently looking to hire some players to join the YouTube Team!

Please read the following carefully before applying.

What is the YouTube Team?
We are a group of people (4-5 members) that make good-high quality videos about ROTMG Tool, whether it be on the site or server.
We will be posting videos and advertising the server through various other methods later.

What will be our first video as a team?
We will be interviewing the ROTMG Tool staff and others in the community to bring more to the server.

Who is the YouTube Team Director?
M0ckingjay is the current YouTube Team Director.
The role of the director is to keep the team together and active, ensuring they meet requirements, and also dishes out what type of videos the team are going to make.

What are the requirements?
1. YouTube channel. (preferably with at least 50 subscribers so it has viewers already)
2. English skills. (both speaking and writing) superb
3. Shown a commitment in uploading videos via this section.
4. No active warnings against forum account.
5. Activity levels need to be high - a video once per week would be preferred although once per fortnight is acceptable.
6. Superb video editing skills.
7. Access to video editing software. (e.g. Adobe After Effects and not movie maker)
8. Has a Discord account.
9. Minimum age of 14. (maturity can lead to variance or lenience, depending on the Decisions of the YTT Director or Management.)

What are the perks?
1. YouTube rank on both forum and server
2. Ability to perform the commands /give and much more
3. Possibility of earning money (through YouTube)
4. Receive the forum YouTube medal (Image)

Application Format
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location and timezone:
4. YouTube channel link:
5. Activity by hours? (be realistic, everyone needs sleep)
6. Are you staff in any other website? (If so where & what position?)
7. How long you are prepared to spend on YouTube weekly? (video editing, uploading & recording)
8. Are you able to download, edit and upload videos?
9. What video editing program will you be using?
10. Do you have Discord?
11. Why should you be chosen for the ROTMG Tool YouTube team?

Many Thanks ~ Alphaxir.

Fri 09 Mar 18 - 14:26

Also, @staff Requesting sticky :)

Sat 10 Mar 18 - 0:34

1. Turret (Anton irl if u wanted o know that)
2. 13.. (Idk if im too young im just doing this)
3. UTC+01:00
4. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSr7lyCnlyFxoaAFS5LhQLQ?view_as=subscriber
5. Nearly the whole day ( When i dont have school )
6. Im staff on a swedish website and a minecraft server with my friend.. Otherwise im just helper on some stuff. : https://eaolofturret.wixsite.com/eaoz
7. Nearly 2 Hours a day. ( I cant do videos by myself. I need help to do them and my editor wont work.)
8. Yes kind of.
9. If my vegas pro will start to work again i will use that. Otherwise i can download a free editor like moviemaker or something.
10. Yes ╲⎝⧹TurretSupremeタレット⧸⎠╱#3853
11. Idk i just have nothing to do.. You choose if you want me in.. I will accept if i dont

Thu 15 Mar 18 - 12:24


For further notice, all unnecessary or non application posts will be removed and the user will be given a warning.
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