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Postby Ahlwong » Fri 19 Oct 18 - 16:56

Logged in for the first time in ages...

Just saw that @NotPossible resigned 0.o

I'm hella late to news haha.
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Postby Nekrie » Wed 24 Oct 18 - 4:01

Eh just a little bit. You weren't gone that long.

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Postby treykiss » Thu 25 Oct 18 - 14:24

Is the Client down for update or? my loggin is stuck on "reload your browser to update" error...
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Postby Tarike » Tue 30 Oct 18 - 18:52

haha whatsup i randomly decided to login today
anyone down for fifa on ps4 add me iDiddleYou (its old as fuck)
this shits ded
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Postby Woofywolf » Thu 22 Nov 18 - 21:37

ive been gone for 2 years...
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