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It's Been a While - ROTMG Tool

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It's Been a While

Postby witherrrer » Thu 15 Nov 18 - 19:42

I just wanted to ask if this community is still kicking.
How have y'all been?
Gotta go FAST

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Postby bghbgh » Sun 27 Jan 19 - 11:56

After so many years I came back to see how everything is doing lol
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Postby VoidReaper » Sun 27 Jan 19 - 12:59

The client user community still seems pretty active. The server user community is still pretty active on the discord, but numbers have dropped on the servers themselves due to what I assume is lack of new content and lack of events, as most of the staff seem to be pretty busy. I do hope that we are able to push something new out.
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