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Now the end is here - ROTMG Tool

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Now the end is here

Postby AlanMaciel » Sun 08 Sep 19 - 14:12

It seems that the end of this story has come.

  I follow the project since its beginning (literally the beginning of everything). And as much as I wasn't active here for a long time, sometimes there was a nostalgia for the server and I came to take a look. And right in this my last nostalgic coming I come across the server completely closed, I'm sad about it but I understand that it is better to close what was already good than to see him die slowly.
  Thanks to Hai for thinking, shaping and creating this server that once had a lot of glory. Thanks to everyone who donated and made themselves available to administer the server, it was thanks to you that it came here.
  In general this is just a useless farewell letter.
  Also because in the end we all go back to the Nexus. ; (
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Learning the Ropes
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Postby JealousGod » Sun 08 Sep 19 - 16:25

I agree, i like the fact that you took the time to post this
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