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This server is to be honest dead - ROTMG Tool

General talk about the official ROTMG Tool private server

This server is to be honest dead

Postby DOV0003 » Mon 07 Jan 19 - 21:52

I'm sure you all know it already the server is both laggy and dead as of now. we need to fix this. You need to remove all the OP factors in the private server. then balance everything along with a wipe. update and bring in new staff members as well as beginning the advertising of the server. If you can't do that then the server is going to continue to be the dead, laggy and trash server it is.
Riddle :

A man and a woman were driving in their car when it broke down. The man decided to go for help at a gas station a few miles back. He made sure nobody was in the car, rolled all the windows up, and locked all of the sedan's doors. He went off, but when he came back, his wife was dead, and there was a stranger in the car. No physical damage was done to the car, so how did the stranger get in?

Answer :
    The stranger was a baby and the woman died in childbirth.
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    Postby witherrrer » Mon 14 Jan 19 - 5:13

    Or just improve the lag/ make the game less frustrating to play. Update the maps so it feels fresher.
    No need to do a clean wipe honestly.
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    Postby VoidReaper » Thu 24 Jan 19 - 9:53

    we are currently working on updating the server, however as Hai is busy a lot, it's slow going.
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