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Arena Bug - ROTMG Tool

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Arena Bug

Postby TobiGoViral » Fri 08 Dec 17 - 22:32

When in the arena you can encounter, Limon, the sprite world dungeon boss, but the problem is she can leave the map. If there's a lag spike while she's in the faze of running around, she will get stuck outside the arena, untouchable.

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Postby Smiley » Tue 12 Dec 17 - 8:30

Eh? Do abilities not work, if not this is a major problem and will be fixed in time. Thanks for the report.

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Postby AncientEvil » Wed 13 Dec 17 - 15:12

this is a rather old glitch we are aware of and have been working on fixing. granted it will take time; as we have been working on a huge update.
thanks for reporting it anyways!
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