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Postby Melididiouse » Sat 12 Mar 16 - 21:48

Only the staff know this, but when changes were made to the website I, like a few others, started to have issues. Some people had them arise as posts being deleted and whatnot, but mine gave me a general error when I clicked certain buttons or tried certain actions. When brought up to Hai he attempted to fix this. Not sure who all it worked for and what it didn't fix, but it has made my problems severely worse. My general error problem has gone away, but now I get 404 errors almost every other click on anything in the forums. It took me 4 tries to get to where I can make a post and my first attempt it kicked me off before I could post it.

I currently can't be relied on to help anyone until my current problems are fixed.

I'm not sure what all has been affected, but since Hai has undergone these changes I cannot use the forums, and I've only had access to the donator testing server. I'm not sure of the two are linked, but what I do know is I cannot effectively use the forums or the private server now. Sorry for the inconvenience, but when it is fixed I will be back to my usual activity level.
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Postby Killweds » Sun 13 Mar 16 - 2:34

Ahh.... looks like i'm getting it.
Clicked on forums and i see the number 404 and saying that it is unavailable...
Fix this quickly please, this will be annoying.
Hopefully there's nothing wrong with the pservers as well.
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Postby XPLOSION » Sun 13 Mar 16 - 7:31

Dang @Melididiouse rip. I am not getting these errors Yet but I hope you do return soon! Will try to hold down the fort until you come back. @Killweds the private server has no errors at the moment luckily so the pserver will still be up and running at 100%
I'm back! Finally got this account back after being hacked for a year :)
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