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Private Server Roll-Back [28-01-2017] - ROTMG Tool

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Postby Vanilla » Wed 01 Feb 17 - 11:16

zephaniah.portukalian wrote:is there any sort of help for those of us who started after dec 17 and lost their 8/8 knight with great gear?

Frankly i would think you would have to start over from square one again. Maxing a character is quite simple, seeing as how the drop rates are increased by a 100% or just a little less. It shouldn't be too hard. That's what makes the private server more fun tho in my opinion
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Postby lwaesa » Sun 05 Feb 17 - 1:42

still got error retrying why?
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Postby Hai » Sun 12 Feb 17 - 9:53

lwaesa wrote:still got error retrying why?

Have you logged out and back in?
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Re: Private Server Roll-Back [28-01-2017]

Postby afsdghh » Sun 12 Feb 17 - 16:03

Ahh yes. I have lost about what.... 10-12 vault chests 1200 fame, over 700 loot bags and an entire montage of loot to follow that.... I guess all pservers have this problem at least ounce. I did rage when I first figured out about the roll back. But through all the DC's I have experienced this is the worst BUT they have assured that it will not happen again. I know the rotmg tool staff are working their asses off to fix the problems and make this server even better. I can not even get a server up god damn technical diffuculties. I have discovered a glitch that may not even matter (is not anything involving dupe) but keep your eyes out if I pm you. Also unban zateballz he was unban but rollback changed that. LOL

Not so mad anymore Bob :D



got gud son
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