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[Christmas] ROTMG Private Server - Winter Update

Sat 02 Dec 17 - 16:02

Winter 2017 is now here, and snow seems to be falling all over our website

The Christmas Wine Cellar and Festive Oryx have returned on the ROTMG Tool Private server, so make your way there as fast as you can to reap the rewards! (keys available in the Nexus!)

Happy Holidays from ROTMG Tool!


Sat 09 Dec 17 - 13:08

@hai when you get a chance i do need to speak to you on discord. (not within the next week though. maybe after the holidays.

Thu 04 Jan 18 - 13:35

Is the server even up rn?

Sat 06 Jan 18 - 12:20

Why does it cost 500 fame?
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