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Server Downtime [May 2016] - ROTMG Tool

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Postby johnjackson » Tue 17 May 16 - 18:50

I hope So...If the server back on,everyone can play back.If not,nothing can do.
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Just Joined
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Postby laiyther » Tue 17 May 16 - 23:56

:/ its been a few days, is it gonna be online soon, as in a few hours?
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Learning the Ropes
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Postby hOI » Wed 18 May 16 - 4:03

Enderploop wrote:hOI none of your items/chars will be erased.
Thank godness
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Postby Yamaflys » Wed 18 May 16 - 6:46

Hey Hai if you are reading this (I have tried and tried to contact you) can you unban me please I have learned my lesson. If you do this you have saved my life. But if you don't do it I'm just going to quit ROTMGTool Private Server. Thanks for the understating.
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Postby AncientEvil » Wed 18 May 16 - 9:11

@yamaflys it isn't Hai's choice to unban you, though he can overrule it. if he sees fit to do so, then he will, but i doubt it considering the circumstances.

as for others asking about the client, please be patient. i believe the server is nearly done with updates and the database should be up to date soon.
though i cannot confirm, server will likely be up soon.
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Postby 12characters » Wed 18 May 16 - 15:13

is it still down?
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Postby Enderploop » Wed 18 May 16 - 15:18

@12characters yes, it is still down, ask in the chat box or look to see if the red "Server Downtime - Our server is currently offline. Please see here for more information!" banner is gone/changed instead of this thread.
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Postby Sympathayy » Wed 18 May 16 - 16:45

still down? .-.
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Postby witherrrer » Wed 18 May 16 - 17:57

read enderploops post bruh
Gotta go FAST

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Forum God
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Postby IILegend » Thu 19 May 16 - 0:07

Anyone no if server is gonna be on soon
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