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The Tome of Forbidden Spawns - ROTMG Tool

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The Tome of Forbidden Spawns

Postby MrRaccoon » Thu 04 Aug 16 - 3:30

The following is a 100% tested version of the banned or forbidden spawn commands. Just like the Big Book of Legal Spawns, if something doesn't work it shall be denoted with the -Not Working tag for educational purposes. If a code is not working it is almost guaranteed that this is intentionally so because of Staff/Admin decision so deal with it until they release it.

Full disclosure: I tested all of these in the Donor server because I was told they are allowed there. Having said that...
Use these commands only in the Donor server or you risk having your account tied to a tree and beaten with several large and very heavy ban-hammers. If you are looking at this list, consider this your one and only warning.

Credit goes to Ashryver for the original list which saved me the trouble of typing more than I need.

Okay let's begin:

Candyland Hunting Grounds

-- Bosses --
Desire Troll
Spoiled Creampuff
Swoll Fairy

-- Minions --
Wishing Troll
Big Creampuff
Little Creampuff
Tiny Rototo
Beefy Fairy
Gumball Machine

Belladonna's Garden

-- Bosses --
Belladonna -Not Working

-- Minions --
Bella Bud
Breathtaking White Flower -Not Working
Immaculate Red Flower -Not Working
Gorgeous Yellow Flower -Not Working


-- Bosses --
// Not applicable //

-- Minions --
Terminal -Not Working
Pointer -Not Working
Computer -Not Working

Lair of Shaitan

-- Bosses --
Shaitan the Advisor -Not Working

-- Minions --
Left Hand of Shaitan -Not Working
Right Hand of Shaitan -Not Working
Hand of Shaitan -Not Working
Creepy Small Hands -Not Working
Creepy Small Heads -Not Working

Cave of a Thousand Treasures

-- Bosses --
Golden Oryx Effigy -Not Working

-- Minions --
Treasure Plunderer -Not Working
Treasure Robber -Not Working
Treasure Rat -Not Working
Treasure Pot -Not Working
Treasure Mimic -Not Working
Treasure Thief -Not Working
Treasure Oryx Defender -Not Working
Gold Planet -Not Working

Battle for the Nexus

-- Bosses --
Murderous Megamoth Deux -Not Working
Lord Ruthven Deux -Not Working
Archdemon Malphas Deux -Not Working
Stheno the Snake Queen Deux -Not Working
Limoz the Veridian Dragon Deux -Not Working
Golden Oryx Effigy Deux -Not Working
Oryx the mad god Deux -Not Working

-- Minions --
Mini Larva Deux -Not Working
Malphas Protector Deux -Not Working
Malphas Flamer Deux -Not Working
Stheno Pet Deux -Not Working
Stheno Swarm Deux -Not Working
Abundant Shield Deux -Not Working
Treasure Oryx Defender Deux -Not Working
Gold Planet Deux -Not Working
Henchman of Oryx Deux -Not Working

Haunted Cemetery

-- Bosses --
Troll Matriarch-Not Working
Ghost Bride -Not Working
Grave Caretaker -Not Working
Ghost of Skuld -Not Working

-- Minions --
Deadly Mushroom -Not Working
Reanimated Remains -Not Working
Forest Troll -Not Working
Troll Pathfinder -Not Working
Fate -Not Working
Glory -Not Working
Apparition -Not Working
Haunting Spectre -Not Working
Possessed Child -Not Working
Forgotten Soul -Not Working
Risen Archer -Not Working
Risen Warrior -Not Working
Risen Brawler -Not Working
Risen Mage -Not Working
Flying Flame Skull -Not Working
Blue Zombie -Not Working
Classic Ghost -Not Working
Zombie Hulk -Not Working
Werewolf -Not Working
Werewolf Cub -Not Working

The Puppet Master's Theatre

-- Bosses --
The Puppet Master -Not Working
Oryx Puppet -Not Working

-- Minions --
Wizard Puppet -Not Working
Knight Puppet -Not Working
Priest Puppet -Not Working
Assassin Puppet -Not Working
Archer Puppet -Not Working
Rogue Puppet -Not Working
Warrior Puppet -Not Working
Paladin Puppet -Not Working
Mystic Puppet -Not Working
Sorcerer Puppet -Not Working
Puppet Bomb -Not Working
Trickster Puppet -Not Working

The Crawling Depths

-- Bosses --
Son of Arachna -Not Working

-- Minions --
Crawling Depths Egg Sac -Not Working
Blue Son of Arachna Giant Egg Sac -Not Working
Red Son of Arachna Giant Egg Sac -Not Working
Silver Son of Arachna Giant Egg Sac -Not Working
Yellow Son of Arachna Giant Egg Sac -Not Working
Crawling Spider Hatching -Not Working
Crawling Green Spider -Not Working
Crawling Grey Spider -Not Working
Crawling Grey Spotted Spider -Not Working
Crawling Red Spotted Spider -Not Working
Blue Egg Summoner -Not Working
Red Egg Summoner -Not Working
Silver Egg Summoner -Not Working
Yellow Egg Summoner -Not Working

Deadwater Docks

-- Bosses --
Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King -Not Working

-- Minions --
Deadwater Docks Admiral -Not Working
Deadwater Docks Brawer -Not Working
Deadwater Docks Captain -Not Working
Deadwater Docks Commander -Not Working
Deadwater Docks Lieutenant -Not Working
Deadwater Docks Macaw -Not Working
Deadwater Docks Sailor -Not Working
Deadwater Docks Veteran -Not Working
The Heroic Observer -Not Working
Bottled Evil Water -Not Working
Parrot Cage -Not Working
Massive Parrot -Not Working

Ice Cave

-- Bosses --
Esben the Willing -Not Working

-- Minions --
Big Yeti
Mini Yeti
Snow Bat Mama
Snow Bat
Creepy Weird Dark Spirit Mirror Image Monster -Not Working
Cursed Grave -Not Working
Icy Whirlwind -Not Working

The Shatters

-- Bosses --
The Forgotten Sentinel -Not Working
Twilight Archmage
The Forgotten King

-- Minions --
Abandoned Switch -Caution: Working but invisible/invincible - Advise against spawning
Stone Knight
Stone Mage
Spike -Not Working
Paladin Obelisk
Stone Paladin
Fire Mage
Fire Adept
Fire Portal -Not Working
Archmage of Flame
Fire Bomb -Not Working
Ice Mage
Ice Sphere -Not Working
Ice Adept
Ice Portal -Not Working
Glacier Archmage -Not Working
Blobomb -Not Working
Inferno -Not Working
Blizzard -Not Working
Magi-Generator -Not Working
Red Crystal -Not Working
Blue Crystal -Not Working
Yellow Crystal -Not Working
Green Crystal -Not Working
Helpless Soul -Not Working
Royal Guardian J -Not Working
Royal Guardian L -Not Working

Woodland Labrynth

-- Bosses --
Megamoth Larva -Not Working
Mammoth Megamoth -Not Working
Murderous Megamoth -Not Working

-- Minions --
Mecha Squirrel -Not Working
Forest Goblin Necromancer -Not Working
Forest Goblin Bruiser -Not Working
Micro Megamoth Sentinel -Not Working
Grizzled Armored Squirrel -Not Working
Woodland Paralyze Turret -Not Working
Woodland Silence Turret -Not Working
Woodland Weakness Turret -Not Working


-- Bosses --
Turkey God
Pumpkin King -Not Working
Christmas Oryx -Not Working
Chicken Oryx -Not Working

-- Minions --
Turkey God Minion
Giant Raven -Not Working
Evil Wizard -Not Working


Mega Sheep
Mega Sheep Minion
Shadow Mage -Not Working
East Automated Defense Turret -Caution: Working but appears to be invincible
West Automated Defense Turret -Caution: Working but appears to be invincible
Phoenix God - Works - Chance to open eternal crucible
Phoenix God Reborn
Phoenix God Shield -Not Working
Phoenix God Blaster Attack -Not Working
Nexus Fountain -Not Working
Wisp Queen
Heartz - Works - even if it is annoying as hell
Abundant Shield -Not Working
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Postby AncientEvil » Thu 04 Aug 16 - 14:58

It's phoenix god shielded , not phoenix god shield
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