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Let us know your great ideas for the ROTMG Tool server. Dungeon's, item's, pet's or something else?
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Adding in skins and removing keys (shaitans cland)

Sat 16 Dec 17 - 7:30

I think if skins were to be added to the rotmgtool server it would most likely become a lot more popular and i know that many people myself included wants them petty bad. you could make the skins 2000 fame each in the nexus to buy or you could buy them from the char select screen.

Sat 16 Dec 17 - 17:47

I know you wont know this, but it's talked about quite a bit and answered quite often.

This will be coming in an update that we are working on, skins aren't on the source that we're currently using so we need to get past that but it's in the works. A lot of the staff have put a good amount of time in to make this work, I apologize for how long it's been, this update has been a long time coming, please be patient.

Sat 16 Dec 17 - 21:33

THAnks for the quick reply is there a timeframe for when this update will come if not thats ok just happy its comming merry meet merry part and merry meet again

Sun 17 Dec 17 - 18:49

No right now there isn't, there are spriters, me and another doing quite a bit of work to get ready for the update, a lot of coding needs to be done still, this update has been a long time coming and as such takes a lot of work. I'm sorry that we can't give a timeframe, but there's just so much work that I don't feel safe even guessing how much time it'll take.

Mon 18 Dec 17 - 10:55

to be fair, as @Nekrie and the spriters work on this; i'm looking into getting the coding done; but due to the fact that the Senior Developers (VoidReaper and I) and Hai have Day jobs; Voidreaper is also in college, i work 6 days a week - we have literally no time at all to work on this.

Legend (@Lengand) is our junior developer; and is extremely proficient as one; so i hope to be able to get a lot of things done with him when i can.
despite that i must say it is definitely a challenge because Hai is also a very inactive person when it comes to it.
personally i'm aiming to have everything at least on a testing version for the donators by summer 2018; but outlooks are bleak at the moment.
here's to hoping we can get more done in the new year!
~AncientEvil, RotMGTool Management and Senior Developer.
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