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Buy UTs, Skins? - ROTMG Tool

Let us know your great ideas for the ROTMG Tool server. Dungeon's, item's, pet's or something else?

Buy UTs, Skins?

Postby Clouds » Sun 20 Dec 15 - 7:19

There should be a marketplace where we can buy UTs (only stuff from Prod) for 1000 fame or under depending on what we can buy.
I think it would be really good for the server, especially with the large amounts of people spamming chat that they want us to spawn Malphas so they can get a dblade.
You're going to say "Well, Krazy, you're not a donator so how would you know?" I have a donator account.
or "just /ignore them" I don't like doing that because I don't want to miss out on something important.

~Mad Scientist


~Ghostly Prism


~Anatis (Maybe)




~(Maybe Robo/Leaf)




~Bone Dagger




~Ring Pop

I also think that RotMG Tool should add all the skins and clothes (please!)
Large Cloths :

Large Bright Floral Cloth
Large Purple Stripes Cloth
Large USA Star Cloth
Large Blue USA Star Cloth
Large Red USA Star Cloth
Large Plaid Cloth
Large Purple Bones Cloth
Large Egyptian Cloth
Large Diamond Cloth
Large Crisscross Cloth
Large Blue Fireworks Cloth
Large Teal Crystal Cloth
Large Dark Camo Cloth
Large Lush Camo Cloth
Large Cow Print Cloth
Large Flannel Cloth
Large USA Flag Cloth
Large Bright Stripes Cloth
Large Shamrock Cloth
Large Wind Cloth
Large Dark Eyes Cloth
Large Pink Dot Cloth
Large Floral Cloth
Large Lemon-Lime Cloth
Large Starry Night Cloth
Large Big-Stripe Red Cloth
Large Big-Stripe Blue Cloth
Large Cactus Zag Cloth
Large Nautical Cloth
Large Viva Cloth
Large Party Cloth
Large Vine Cloth
Large Dark Blue Stripe Cloth
Large Chainmail Cloth
Large Robber Cloth
Large Blue Point Cloth
Large Western Stripe Cloth
Large Bee Stripe Cloth
Large Sweater Cloth
Large Glowthread Cloth
Large Cloud Cloth
Large Yellow Dot Cloth
Large Pink Maze Cloth
Large Red Lace Cloth
Large Pink Sparkly Cloth
Large Red Weft Cloth
Large Loud Spotted Cloth
Large Blue Lace Cloth
Large Bold Diamond Cloth
Large Smiley Cloth
Large Red Spotted Cloth
Large Grey Scaly Cloth
Large White Diamond Cloth
Large Crossbox Cloth
Large Jester Cloth
Large Red Diamond Cloth
Large Skull Cloth
Large Heart Cloth
Large Stony Cloth
Large Futuristic Cloth
Large Yellow Wire Cloth
Large Blue Wave Cloth
Large Green Weave Cloth
Large Tan Diamond Cloth
Large Brown Stitch Cloth
Large Starry Cloth
Large Rainbow Cloth
Large Black Striped Cloth
Large Blue Striped Cloth
Large Brown Lined Cloth
Large Purple Pinstripe Cloth

Large Dyes :

St Patrick's Green Clothing Dye
Yellow Green Clothing Dye
Yellow Clothing Dye
White Smoke Clothing Dye
White Clothing Dye
Wheat Clothing Dye
Violet Clothing Dye
Tomato Clothing Dye
Thistle Clothing Dye
Teal Clothing Dye
Tan Clothing Dye
Steel Blue Clothing Dye
Spring Green Clothing Dye
Snow Clothing Dye
Slate Gray Clothing Dye
Slate Blue Clothing Dye
Sky Blue Clothing Dye
Silver Clothing Dye
Sienna Clothing Dye
Sea Shell Clothing Dye
Sea Green Clothing Dye
Sandy Brown Clothing Dye
Salmon Clothing Dye
Saddle Brown Clothing Dye
Royal Blue Clothing Dye
Rosy Brown Clothing Dye
Red Clothing Dye
Purple Clothing Dye
Powder Blue Clothing Dye
Plum Clothing Dye
Pink Clothing Dye
Peru Clothing Dye
Peach Puff Clothing Dye
Papaya Whip Clothing Dye
Pale Violet Red Clothing Dye
Pale Turquoise Clothing Dye
Pale Green Clothing Dye
Pale Golden Rod Clothing Dye
Orchid Clothing Dye
Orange Red Clothing Dye
Orange Clothing Dye
Olive Drab Clothing Dye
Olive Clothing Dye
Old Lace Clothing Dye
Navy Clothing Dye
Navajo White Clothing Dye
Moccasin Clothing Dye
Misty Rose Clothing Dye
Mint Cream Clothing Dye
Midnight Blue Clothing Dye
Medium Violet Red Clothing Dye
Medium Turquoise Clothing Dye
Medium Spring Green Clothing Dye
Medium Slate Blue Clothing Dye
Medium Sea Green Clothing Dye
Medium Purple Clothing Dye
Medium Orchid Clothing Dye
Medium Aqua Marine Clothing Dye
Maroon Clothing Dye
Magenta Clothing Dye
Linen Clothing Dye
Lime Green Clothing Dye
Lime Clothing Dye
Light Yellow Clothing Dye
Light Steel Blue Clothing Dye
Light Slate Gray Clothing Dye
Light Sky Blue Clothing Dye
Light Sea Green Clothing Dye
Light Salmon Clothing Dye
Light Pink Clothing Dye
Light Green Clothing Dye
Light Grey Clothing Dye
Light Golden Rod Yellow Clothing Dye
Light Cyan Clothing Dye
Light Coral Clothing Dye
Light Blue Clothing Dye
Lemon Chiffon Clothing Dye
Lawn Green Clothing Dye
Lavender Blush Clothing Dye
Lavender Clothing Dye
Khaki Clothing Dye
Ivory Clothing Dye
Indigo Clothing Dye
Indian Red Clothing Dye
Hot Pink Clothing Dye
Honey Dew Clothing Dye
Green Yellow Clothing Dye
Green Clothing Dye
Gray Clothing Dye
Golden Rod Clothing Dye
Gold Clothing Dye
Ghost White Clothing Dye
Gainsboro Clothing Dye
Fuchsia Clothing Dye
Forest Green Clothing Dye
Floral White Clothing Dye
Fire Brick Clothing Dye
Dodger Blue Clothing Dye
Dim Gray Clothing Dye
Deep Sky Blue Clothing Dye
Deep Pink Clothing Dye
Dark Violet Clothing Dye
Dark Turquoise Clothing Dye
Dark Slate Gray Clothing Dye
Dark Slate Blue Clothing Dye
Dark Sea Green Clothing Dye
Dark Salmon Clothing Dye
Dark Red Clothing Dye
Dark Orchid Clothing Dye
Dark Orange Clothing Dye
Dark Magenta Clothing Dye
Dark Khaki Clothing Dye
Dark Green Clothing Dye
Dark Gray Clothing Dye
Dark Golden Rod Clothing Dye
Dark Cyan Clothing Dye
Dark Blue Clothing Dye
Cyan Clothing Dye
Crimson Clothing Dye
Cornsilk Clothing Dye
Cornflower Blue Clothing Dye
Coral Clothing Dye
Chocolate Clothing Dye
Chartreuse Clothing Dye
Cadet Blue Clothing Dye
Burly Wood Clothing Dye
Brown Clothing Dye
Blue Violet Clothing Dye
Blue Clothing Dye
Blanched Almond Clothing Dye
Black Clothing Dye
Bisque Clothing Dye
Beige Clothing Dye
Azure Clothing Dye
Aquamarine Clothing Dye
Aqua Clothing Dye
Antique White Clothing Dye
Alice Blue Clothing Dye
Turquoise Clothing Dye

I really DON'T want to re-type "small" infront of all of those, so just think it.

Skins :

Elder Wizard
Slime Wizard
Witch Skin
Mischievous Imp
Death Mage
Witch Doctor
Slime Necromancer
Tiny Avatar
Lil Red
Slime Mystic
Robed Priest
Father Time
Slime Priest
Zombie Nurse
Eligible Bachelor
Bashing Bride
B.B. Wolf
Ascended Sorc
Jack the Ripper
Skeleton Warrior
Dark Elf
Vampire Hunter
Little Helper
Nexus No Miko
Ghost Huntress
King Knifeula
Holy Avenger
Deadly Vixen
Platinum Knight
Platinum Warrior
Platinum Rouge
Slime Knight
Slime Archer
Originally KrazyCat
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Postby Clouds » Sun 20 Dec 15 - 7:52

@Ahlwong ^^
Originally KrazyCat
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Clouds  <i> Offline</i>
Posts: 168
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PS Name: Clouds
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Postby Clouds » Sun 20 Dec 15 - 11:36

@Ashryver Sounds good, just trying to do my part in helping the server c:
Originally KrazyCat
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Clouds  <i> Offline</i>
Posts: 168
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PS Name: Clouds
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Re: Buy UTs, Skins?

Postby AncientEvil » Fri 25 Dec 15 - 10:00

We have almost all of the dyes/cloths already. The only ones we don't have are dungeon related - e.g. dragon's dyes and puppet master's
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Re: Buy UTs, Skins?

Postby Mrflavorsz » Sat 02 Apr 16 - 0:04

When do you think you are going to be able to get cloths like Small Red Dragon Scale Cloth and Ivory Dragon Scale Cloth available.
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Just Joined
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Postby LilGuy » Sat 02 Apr 16 - 6:46

@MrFlavorsz please don't necro post. @AncientEvil or someone lock this.
29 of my items coded so far (4 items currently in the game)
I <3 you RotMGTool coders

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions/concerns about the Private Server!
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