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Holy Rose Set(for sorc) - ROTMG Tool

Let us know your great ideas for the ROTMG Tool server. Dungeon's, item's, pet's or something else?

Holy Rose Set(for sorc)

Postby Lengand » Wed 10 May 17 - 11:20

Wand: Wand of Holy Roses
Desc: A wand made from the strongest of roses.

Scepter: Scepter of Flowers
Desc: This scepter was found in the budding flower of a red rose.

Robe: Robe of Woven Roses
Desc: This Legendary robe was woven from the pink petals of a rose from the heavens

Ring: Rose Petal Ring
Desc: Through the power of a fairy, This ring was made from compressed petals from a pink and orange rose

Stats are tbd unless someone wants to do them


Yes, I did forgot to make a projectile...
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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Postby VoidReaper » Thu 11 May 17 - 7:59

you just need a projectile and stats but otherwise everything looks good!
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Postby ItzVinyl » Sun 14 May 17 - 6:03

Not too sure on that green, make it a bit darker and it should be all well
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