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Fri 16 Dec 16 - 0:10

Then i must be a Supreme Loner

Sat 17 Dec 16 - 21:34

Are Helper applications open soon? (not trying to go for your throne @AncientEvil >D<... ~starts to eye that delicious looking throne~... jk >D<)

Sat 17 Dec 16 - 22:18

@lollol1 They'll be open whenever Ancient decides. I wouldn't ask about it, but they should be out soon.

Sun 18 Dec 16 - 11:09

I'll be back soon guys :D.

Mon 19 Dec 16 - 18:43

I'm back guys :D. Sorry for being a spaz.

Mon 19 Dec 16 - 20:11

And you nag me for doing that.... Any ways great stuff, 2016 was a wreack and i bet it wont get any worse... Oh wait, i got dissed by my lads, banned (totally my fault, and sorry voids) and ash never bothered to lower my warning lvl (again my fault) nyrao disappeared, so did the helpers, mocking jay is no longer online, nobody won a sing competition held by he staff, i lost my god ammy tnx to server roll backs, my grandpA passed away, my other grandpa got paralized, korea got screwed and Belgium.

Tue 20 Dec 16 - 11:10

@witherrrer that's cause Ash doesn't have ACP access. I handled your warnings yesterday. See for yourself

Tue 20 Dec 16 - 19:16

Thanks, and if i act like a brat nowadays, im sorry, cause 2016 is not my year nor ANYBODY'S Year. Yeah, good stuff

Tue 20 Dec 16 - 19:43

Dang... Nyaro took the throne... ~bows to Nyaro... And AncientEvil... idek about Hai... Bows to Hai~

Re: Forum Updates December[2016]

Thu 22 Dec 16 - 4:39

I have now added the YT team on the staff members page!

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