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Thu 22 Dec 16 - 5:13

That's cool :D

Thu 22 Dec 16 - 8:23

@Hai I put them back there days ago. why was it taken off again? that's not a forum glitch either.

Thu 29 Dec 16 - 14:20

Fam, I've been doing stuff in PMs! Sadface!


Thu 29 Dec 16 - 17:02

Stradinius wrote:Fam, I've been doing stuff in PMs! Sadface!

Well applications don't open back up until April but we are in need of helpers nonetheless, I'd be more active on the forums in advance bro I have faith. :D

Fri 30 Dec 16 - 9:25

April? Lol you really haven't been paying attention.
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