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Sat 04 Feb 17 - 23:47

Why do you think he's banned for acc selling

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Sun 05 Feb 17 - 0:03

Smileyy wrote:
Vanilla wrote:
Kikopower wrote:Dang... I now look like a fool and sound pathetic after submitting my application. I sound selfish... But I'll accept that fact that there were others like me who didn't get this promotion and that @FOXBOI @Vanilla and @M0ckingjay are the newest staff members of ROTMGTool. Congratulations to you three for making the team! Although, I can't help but feel a little regret after waiting for a whole month in anticipation and enthusiasm while staying up on sleepless nights hoping that I would be able to recieve the promotion and contribute to the server and forums. But one can only hope... Now don't tell us "that we should try to apply next time" because for some of us, there may never be a next time or we'll be denied again. But I promise that I won't give up trying to help support this server even though I wasn't promoted! Cheers! ^-^

But that's exactly what you should do, apply again, and again and again. sooner or later you will get accepted it's just a matter of time. If you didn't get accepted this time around. Prove yourself by being as active as possible, helping around as much as possible with forums needs and player help and overall have patience, be kind and understanding. There are gonna be times where things are frustrating especially with dealing with players that complain on the forum chat. But hey showing patience with them and not getting mad like i do sometimes shows maturity. You'll get it don't worry, and as for the personal information. It helps Staff Managers/Mods know who you are and get a sense of what you can do in terms of being a helpful/positive roll in the staff! Don't lose hope just yet :)

- Vanilla

That's what I did, I made it to moderator in just under a year. It took me two months of applying, I applied twice and I was finally in. 8 months of straight Helper, great fun xd

After finally putting the effort in, I spent 502 days as staff, that being 1 year 4 months and 14 days

Essentially what me and Smile are saying is never give up. Keep moving forward, this should be stepping stone for you to improve yourself for the next period of applications
- Vanilla
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