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Forum Updates February[2017]

Tue 24 Jan 17 - 10:10

Updates can be changed till the month ends.


Vanilla Has been Promoted to Helper, Congratulations!
FOXBOI Has been Promoted to Helper, Congratulations!
M0ckingjay Has been Promoted to Helper, Congratulations!


Smileyy has resigned permanently, we'll miss ya buddy!

Current Staff:
AncientEvil, Nyaro
Hai, *Voidreaper, AncientEvil
Global Moderator
Voidreaper, NotPossible
Braviosi, Blubber, VinylPlays, Nekrie, GharDJ
FoxBoi, Vanilla, M0ckingjay

* - only when required, confirmation from Hai needed.

Other Updates:

Congratulations to the New Helpers! and Good Luck!

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Tue 31 Jan 17 - 17:17

Congrats @FoxBoi, @Vanilla, @M0ckingJay

Tue 31 Jan 17 - 17:28

Congrats new helpers!

Tue 31 Jan 17 - 17:32

Congratz all =)

Yall did deserve it more!@@!

Great job, and I hope you guys do a great job

Tue 31 Jan 17 - 17:36

Dang... I now look like a fool and sound pathetic after submitting my application. I sound selfish... But I'll accept that fact that there were others like me who didn't get this promotion and that @FOXBOI @Vanilla and @M0ckingjay are the newest staff members of ROTMGTool. Congratulations to you three for making the team! Although, I can't help but feel a little regret after waiting for a whole month in anticipation and enthusiasm while staying up on sleepless nights hoping that I would be able to recieve the promotion and contribute to the server and forums. But one can only hope... Now don't tell us "that we should try to apply next time" because for some of us, there may never be a next time or we'll be denied again. But I promise that I won't give up trying to help support this server even though I wasn't promoted! Cheers! ^-^

Tue 31 Jan 17 - 17:45

Also, @AncientEvil ... It's probably obvious but you forgot to say that @ItzVinyl was reinstated to Junior Moderator. Like I said, it's obvious, and it's not mandatory to edit that in... It's just that I noticed that wasn't in the forum updates.

Tue 31 Jan 17 - 17:57

Also, @AncientEvil ... You said that we would be informed of this on "THE FIRST OF FEBRUARY". I don't have anything against you when I'm saying this. I'm just being me, the mischievous player with a keen eye for detail trying to annoy others in an amusing way.

Tue 31 Jan 17 - 17:58

Oh it is the first of February. I said the first of February GMT. It's nearly 1 am GMT.

Tue 31 Jan 17 - 18:08

Ummm... No you didn't say GMT as I quoted you word for word, and I have 5 screenshots, and snips of the post you made... But I'll disregard that fact since you're AncientEvil, and there's nothing less or more to that. >D<

P.S. That wasn't an insult... It was a compliment which I rarely say to others...

Tue 31 Jan 17 - 18:33

I can't believe that I indulged some of my personal information to you guys... I know you staff members and those who were denied of their application also shared their personal information... Still... I feel disgusted even though that my personal information is completely useless unless I shared my very personal information like my cards numbers, passwords and usernames, emails, my social security numbers, where I live, and the specifics of my life... But I'm not permitted to share that information...
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