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Forum Updates October-December[2017]

Sun 01 Oct 17 - 16:28

Updates can be changed till the Quarter ends.


Legend has been promoted to Helper,
Cayde is returning to us as a Helper, Welcome back!
Smiley is returning to us as a Moderator! Welcome back!


None so far :D

Current Staff:
AncientEvil, NotPossible
Hai, Voidreaper, AncientEvil
Global Moderator
MrRaccoon, M0ckingjay, Smiley
Legend, Cayde

* - only when required, confirmation from Hai needed.

Other Updates:

Thank you to all Helper Applicants, some good, some... Well let's focus on the positives. If necessary I may choose another helper, but possibilities are dwindling at the moment!

General Information:

Frequently Asked Questions:FAQs
General Assistance: Assistance
Report Players here: Report Players

Sun 01 Oct 17 - 18:35

@Legend Congrats on Helper
@Cayde Congrats and Welcome Back!!
@Smiley Congrats and Welcome Back!!

Let's have a good rest of the year, everyone!!


Sun 01 Oct 17 - 18:40

Congratulations to everyone whom made it on the team!

Sun 01 Oct 17 - 20:33

@AncientEvil 1v1 on me on Rust, tomorrow, the usual time.

Mon 02 Oct 17 - 2:47

Glad to be back guys! Congrats to Legend, and welcome back Smiley!

Mon 02 Oct 17 - 13:10

Oh, I wasn't expecting that xd

Wed 04 Oct 17 - 20:33

@Cayde & @legend. I will not have the ability to rank you yet as I need Hai to edit your forum rank perms itself.
I will rank you in game soon, just drop me your IGNs.
@smiley you too.
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